Explay Boot Camp 2012

Following on the success of Boot Camp 2011, ExPlay once again offered a bespoke training program to 13 south west companies involved in the production of games and gamification products.

The Boot Camp provides focused guidance for start-ups and small studios on how to take an idea from concept through to a commercially viable product through a six-month program. Last years course saw 12 companies benefit through mentors from Eidos, Sony and Adobe and this year the entire course has been delivered by specialist games industry training providers, Tenshi Consulting.

The ExPlay Boot Camp is designed to bring together emerging designers, developers, companies and creators all working in the games, interactive and mobile development sectors. The Boot Camp gives them the opportunity to explore ideas and help develop new IP over a core two-day workshop, which leads in to ongoing support over the following year.

ExPlay Director Korash Sanjideh says, “We are proud to be running the Boot Camp for the second year running. The festival will once again help raise the profile of these companies, shining a light on indie development in the South West, and inviting everyone involved in creating, producing, publishing and playing games from across the UK and beyond to come and join us.

Bootcamp Participants

Michael Walker




Aphelio develop games, apps and technologies for a wide range of audiences and platforms. They work with established brands and publishers, and also develop their own IP, constantly growing their ever expanding community. Aphelio is a private limited company headquartered in London, England.

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Debbie Rawlings

Auroch Digital Ltd



Auroch Digital is a leading video games development studio and consultancy. From producing, designing and evaluating your games, to organising game jams and hacks, and now the rapid-prototyping of news stories into games, we are keen gamers on a mission to share this passion. We work on how games can be used as a means of making people laugh, smile or think. Our clients include The Wellcome Trust and the University of the West of England (UWE). Also instrumental in supporting the South West games development community, our work includes organising monthly get-togethers in Bristol and an online newsletter sharing up-to-date news and opportunities for this thriving community.

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Ashley Gwinnell

Force Of Habit Ltd


Force Of Habit is a brand new independent game studio based in Bristol, founded by Ashley Gwinnell and Nick Dymond. Both veterans of UK games jams, Ashley and Nick have worked together successfully a number of times and between them have won game jam awards at two Explay game jams (Bristol & Plymouth) and the TIGA Game Hack. The studio is dedicated to creating its own interesting brand of video games and endeavours to leave an impact on gamers, non-gamers and the industry alike

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James Hayter




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Dan Stubbs




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Ewan Armstrong




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Jonathan Vigurs

Infinite Playground



Infinite Playground is a small independent game developer attempting to specialize in the creation of its own intellectual property and to grow steadily over time as a business and as a game developer. Originally a game modding and hobbyist group who took the plunge into the professional world, the company was founded to give a definite sense of purpose and direction to its members. Now into its second year, the company has restructured, re-branded and on the brink of its first release!

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Joe Ryan

Lucky You Games



Lucky You Games are a independant development team that specialise in iPhone and iPad games. Committed to developing large experiences to smaller screens they work tirelessly to create games that combine the best of immersive gameplay with spectacular artwork. Their flagship game is currently at the concept stage with development due to start in the new year.

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Daniel Jenkins

Ludus Interactive



Ludus Interactive is a new fresh faced digital agency based in Bournemouth, we strive to create beautifully designed,digitally enhanced interactive experiences. Our passion lies in bringing mobile to the forefront of the games industry, producing AAA games for your pocket.

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Ben Trewhella

Opposable Games



Opposable Games develops connected and multi-screen games for mobile devices, smart TV and social networks. The team was formed as a partnership of seven well-respected games designers and developers in late 2011. Having obtained start-up funding from the University of Abertay, Opposable Games is about to release Clockwork Racers, a multi-screen family racing game for iOS (mobile, tablet, Apple TV and Mac), and has a range of other connected-game prototypes ready to enter development. They are actively seeking partnerships to develop their own IP and explore multi-platform relationships with other organisations., and in their spare time they can often be found contending in games jams.

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Matt Sephton

The Three Amigos



The Three Amigos is a micro-studio of independent developers, designers and musicians. We have spent the majority of our lives creating engaging interactive content across a wide range of platforms. Whether that's creating games for ancient machines like the Atari 2600, browser-based games for modern desktop computers, or apps for the latest and greatest iPhone or iPad – we have been there and done that. Having become well known for our breadth of knowledge, attention to detail, fast work-rate and ability to deliver, we have built up a portfolio of work that has been delivered to clients across the globe

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Anja Pahl

The PRIZM Game Company



A UK leader in Innovation since 2004, PRIZM presents a scientific breakthrough for how humanity thinks and creates. Our Inspiration Cards, Innovation Map and PRIZM Game make life easier for your kids, clients and company. Our coaching, training and 'Gamified Innovation Programmes' design pleasure, profit and a higher purpose into your daily work and teamwork. Our GameDays return unprecedented [multi-billion Euro] return in record time - an average 2800% ROI.

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Taiwo Gomez

Vivarium Seed Collective



Game Designer Taiwo Gomez co-ordinates a network of independent creative's and developers. Utilising the power of freely accessible industry tools we aim to prototype a genre defining experience and demonstrate an uninhibited degree of innovation. Vivarium Seed is a strategic yet tactile competitive co-op experience, viewed from an orbital 3rd person perspective. Eventually we wish to establish whether collective control of an avatar and collaborative micromanagement can generate a cohesive co-dependency between players. Consequently it should create the perception that the avatar's themselves are partially autonomous/sentient.

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